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Program Brochures Downloads An introduction to studying at Resolu International University . Includes information about our programs, entry requirements, how to apply, accommodation and living costs for international students.
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Pioneering online learning Resolu International university is an eager member and partner of Consorzio Universitario internazionale Galileo Galile .
RIU is providing the right education and right skills to the right people. It awards the same qualification as a traditional university but is structured based on a teaching model that is centred on Students first.

Here's how it works

Lessons are always available online from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.You can study whenever and wherever you want through
the dedicated e-learning platform that is personalised and structured around your objectives and the amount of time you are able to dedicate to your studies.A personal tutor guides, supports, and helps you both online and in person at the eCampus University branches located all over Italy.You only need to go into university for exams, which are scheduled on a yearly calendar that allows you to book your journey in advance.Before every exam you can take part in a full immersion study session with professors to check your level of preparation. eCampus University has a widespread presence throughout Italy with more than 80 locations.

On-site tutors

Resolu is the only online University in Italy with on-site tutors in your town too.

Live chat

You can easily contact teachers and discuss any aspect of your studies with them.


The eCampus Club app means you are always in contact with other students.

Pour s’inscrire merci de remplir cet formulaire soigneusement et l’envoyer par voie email sur

News Of Resolu

7 février 2021 / resolu

Préparation à l’étude en Italie

Le Centre de langues du Consortium international d'universités Resolu comprend des centres qualifiés pour les certifications linguistiques requises pour l'inscription...
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8 octobre 2020 / resolu

Resolu a signé un accord pour devenir membre du Consorzio Universitario internazionale Galileo Galile

UniGalileo est né de la synergie de réalités très dynamiques et attentif à l'évolution des nouvelles tendances en matière de...
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27 septembre 2020 / resolu

5 Major Visa Changes to help International Students study in Australia

The Australian Government has announced in a joint media release today a number of changes to student visa arrangements to...
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