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Standards for Accreditation of Education

RESOLU: Education Quality Accreditation Commission

Resolu Quality Accreditation Commission Standards become an easy and effective instrument for measuring institutional education qualityon international level because they are not affected by local legislative formats, regulations or cultural idiosyncrasies. Any educationalinstitution that intends to earn the accreditation status from the Education Quality Accreditation Commission must demonstrate compliance,through the application for accreditation (Self Assessment Report), with the education quality standards set forth by the Education QualityAccreditation Commission.

The accreditation standards set forth by Resolu are:


  1. Identification
  2. Legal authorization
  3. Accreditation, recognition and references
  4. Facilities
  5. Financial stability
  6. Qualified staff
  7. Educational values & ethics
  8. Permanent quality control
  9. Continuous improvement



  1. Information & Veracity
  2. Admission Procedures
  3. Legal contract
  4. Assistance
  5. Post-Graduate Service



  1. Courses / Programs description
  2. Hours of study
  3. Course objectives or expected learning outcomes
  4. Course contents & materials
  5. Course delivery & availability
  6. Course update
  7. Teaching methodology
  8. Tutorial or guidance
  9. Teachers proficiency
  10. Assessment & Evaluation
  11. Certificate or diploma
  12. Transcript or equivalent

Click here to download the Application for Accreditation (Self Assessment Report .docx)

Benefits of center accreditation

The benefits of centre accreditation include:

Accreditation is one of the major factors to monitor education quality behind this global trend. Accreditation reflects the comparative advantages of numerous and diverse institutions and methods of higher education, and respects their corevalues of autonomy, self-governance, scholarship, and the assurance of academic quality through peer review or accreditation. Employers, parents, students, and others look to accrediting organizations for consistent and reliable informationabout educational institutions. There is no single model for providing information about education quality that is so important for public accountability. The accreditation from the Education Quality Accreditation Commission want to relateeach educational institution own structure and procedures with an efficient way to guarantee their accountability.

Accreditation Process.

All our accreditation applicants have to undergo the full audit process – which may take a few weeks or months – before receiving the accredited status. However, we promise to hold your hand all the way and guide you through the process.

• First, you need to apply for the accreditation. You can fill in the online application form and start the process.

• We will review and respond to your request, and send you the required documents.

• Once we get you filled in on the accreditation package, we will review it and advise you about the gaps, if any, which need to be worked on and the improvements that need to be made before the accredited status can be granted.

• Now, how much time you take to satisfy the audit requirements is up to you. Once we get the complete evidence and information that you fulfil all requirements based on our standards, we will grant the certificate of accreditation to you.

• Then onwards, you remain an accredited partner for up to three years (depending on committee decision). At the end of this period, a re-certification audit will take place to verify your status.

Apply for Accreditation.

Fill in the information below and submit it to us. We will get back to you asap.

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